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The traditional work schedule is not enough to live the life you dream about. Are you ready to invest in yourself? If so, consider jumping into screen printing by starting off with the Riley Hopkins 150 1 Color 1 Station Press.

For more than 30 years, Riley Hopkins has developed high-quality, economical equipment that has jumpstarted thousands of printers’ careers. Now, the brand will bring more printers into the industry with the Riley Hopkins 150 Press.

If you’re looking to make screen printing your side gig or need a press for live printing, the Riley 150 will do the trick. Stronger than a DIY press yet simpler than a Riley Hopkins Jr. press, the Riley 150 will produce stellar prints without hurting your wallet.

One of the coolest features of the press is the ability to change out platens. Having access to various platens means you can print youth apparel, neck labels, chest prints, etc. Whether you’re starting an Etsy shop, printing for a local business, or live printing, the Riley 150’s durability and versatility will give you a strong foothold in the industry and the opportunity to expand your brand.

Setting up the Riley 150 is a piece of cake. To assemble the press, all you need is two, ½ inch wrenches and two 9/16 inch wrenches. You can screw the press down into an existing tabletop or workbench. Otherwise, you can look into the Riley Hopkins Press Cart where not only can you place your press on, you can store up to six screens.
Are you ready to invest in yourself? The Riley Hopkins 150 will establish the foundation for your new side business.

    •    Rigid station arms
    •    Hot rolled steel and aircraft grade aluminum
    •    American made
    •    Tough springs to hold screens upright
    •    Sturdy screen clamps


    •    Platen Height: 4.5” (31 cm)
    •    Platen Size: 16”x16 with neck
    •    Max Frame Size: 23”x31”
    •    Base Configuration: Tabletop
    •    Color/Stations: 1x1
    •    Footprint (with 16x16 Platen): 20"x40"
    •    Weight: 28 lbs
    •    Ships in one box


Pre-burned Screen to Get Started

Riley Hopkins Press Cart

Steel Adjustable Height Mounting Table



Riley 150 Product Manual




Weight: 28 lbs

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