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Home Starter Screen Printing Kit - Free Shipping

Home Starter Screen Printing Kit

Price includes free shipping!

The home screen printing kit gets you printing t-shirts and on many other items fast and easy.

Start screen printing quickly with our affordable basic home screen printing kit. It even includes a DVD Training Set!

The home screen printing starter kit, is designed for beginners in mind and is affordable.

The kit includes:

• HB-100- Hobby one color press
• D-162 flash cure-To heat set plastisol ink
• Basic exposure light-to make screens stencils
• Includes Home Starter supplies Package:
- 2 screens
- 1 squeegee
- 2 qt of plastisol inks
- 1 spray adhesive
- 1 emulsion spreader
- 1 qt ink cleaner
- 1 qt emulsion remover (to recycle screen images)
- 10 sheet of inkjet film to make film positives for screen burning
- Training DVD set


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