Come and learn screen printing front to back in our Screen Printing 101 Class

This is a one day class that will set you up for successful screen printing.

Here is an outline of what is  covered:


  1. History
  2. Screen Printing Today
  3. Process Outline

Section 1. Artwork

  1. Applications
  2. Vector vs Raster
  3. Color Modes
  4. Types of Screen Prints & Color Separations
  5. Film Output

Section 2. Darkroom / Screen Burning

  1. Darkroom Setup
  2. Photo Emulsion
  3. Screen Preparation
  4. Screen Exposure

Section 3. Production

  1. Ink Selection
  2. Mesh Count Selection
  3. Squeegee Selection
  4. Squeegee Stroke
  5. Screen Care
  6. Equipment

Section 4. Screen Printing Terminology

Terminology / Glossary of relevant terms

Section 5. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting common issues relating to screen printing in: pre-press, screen making/exposure and production.