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AutoFlash Automatic Rotate Unit


 Vastex AutoFlash Automatic Rotate Unit

  • The AutoFlash upgrade rotates the head of the flash cure unit into place
  • For use with RedFlash, AirFlash, and F-series Flash Dryers
  • Use the foot pedal to rotate the flash onto the pallet
  • The flash will then rotate off of the pallet automatically
  • Have full control over dwell time
  • Prevent garments from burning
  • Prevent garments from under flashing

You must add the Driver Post (07-05-026-1) to use the AutoFlash unit RedFlash and AirFlash Dryers.

You must add the Driver Post (07-05-028-1) to use the AutoFlash unit F-Series Flash Dryers.

All AutoFlash units are now equipped as standard with an HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) to control and display dwell time and direction of head rotation. More visible from a distance than previous controls, it also displays a 'ready' message for the next cycle and improves cycle reaction by responding accurately whether the footswitch is pressed during or following a flash cure cycle.

The Auto Flash unit features a high-torque DC gear motor and eccentric arm drive that actuates head rotation progressively for smooth starts and stops, and a foot pedal switch with 7 ft (2 m) cord for operator convenience.

A "Breakaway Detent" feature stops the head from rotating if it encounters an obstacle, maximizing operator safety while minimizing damage to the flash cure head, the Auto-Flash gearbox and/or the screen printing press.

Available Options

120 Volt

240 Volt 

Ships from Bethlehem, Pa. 18015 USA

Please allow 10 - 12 business days for production