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Screen Printing Class - Level One

Come and learn to screen print with us!

Sign up for our hands-on, professional Screen Printing Level 1 class.

Instructors: Steven C, Jacqulene A, and Matt T

Start time: 9:00 am

Free Lunch provided by NorCal Screen Print Supply - 12:00 noon

Finish time: 4:00 pm


Q - What do I need to bring?

 A - Nothing. We provide a hard copy printout of the presentation, and a pen if you would like to make notes.

Q - Is lunch provided?

A - Yes! We usually Order Pizza.


NorCal Screen Print Supply

3045 65th Street ste 4

Sacramento, CA 95820

Class Outline:

Part One - Presentation

    Section 1. Artwork

    1. Applications
    2. Vector vs Raster
    3. Color Modes
    4. Types of Screen Prints & Color Separations
    5. Film Output

    Section 2. Darkroom / Screen Burning

    1. Darkroom Setup
    2. Photo Emulsion
    3. Screen Preparation
    4. Screen Exposure

    Section 3. Production

    1. Ink Selection
    2. Mesh Count Selection
    3. Squeegee Selection
    4. Squeegee Stroke
    5. Screen Care
    6. Equipment

    Section 4. Screen Printing Terminology

    Section 5. Troubleshooting

    Part Two - Production

    1. Hands-on Screen Exposure

    2. Hands-on Screen Registration

    3. Hands-on Print Techniques

    4. Multi-color Print (Your Own T-shirt)

     5. Screen Clean Up

    6. Screen Re-claiming / Screen Care

    Terms - please read:

    Refunds are not available after purchasing the class.

    If you are not able to attend the class date you signed up for and need to reschedule, you will be eligible to join one of the next class dates that we have available.

    Please note, we are not able to schedule special individual class dates. You will have the choice of the next class dates that are already scheduled.

    *Your purchase value spent toward any class with NorCal SPS is good only for the class your purchased. It does not count toward any other product or service.

    If you have questions or need to reschedule, please email us at or call us at 916 534-8337.