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International Coatings 1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer


1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer

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Offers a low bleed option for lowering the viscosity of plastisols, which makes them easier to print!

Will not affect the fusing characteristics of plastisol ink.

Cures by itself with the application of heat. The recommended proportion of 1099 is 1% to 25% by volume.

1099 Low Bleed Curable Reducer can help in reducing ink build-up on the back of successive screens when printing wet on wet.

The amount of 1099 needed to reduce build-up will depend on the ink being adjusted. Use 5% to 10%, by volume, 1099 for opaque inks. Use 1% to 5%, by volume, 1099 for standard opacity inks.

The correct screen mesh, such as 160 to 230 monofilament, properly tensioned, will also help to reduce ink build-up.

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