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International Coatings 11L Medium Grain Transfer Powder


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International Coatings 11L Medium Grain Transfer Powder

For use with hot or cold heat transfers.

  • Apply transfer powder to the transfer after you last color ink is printed
  • The transfer powder will bond with the ink after the heat transfer is cured
  • Upon applying the transfer to the shirt with a heat press, the powder will re-activate and help the plastisol ink form an excellent bond with the shirt. 
  • Our heat transfer powder will help increase the longevity of the print on the garment.

1 Quart = 1lb of Transfer Powder

1 Gallon = 5 lb of Transfer Powder

*Adhesion powder can be affected by the humidity and you will want to handle this product in a humidity-controlled environment.

Higher humidity can cause your garments to have residue after heat pressed.