ROQ Nano Automatic Screen Printing Press (Small Format)

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If you're looking to print small and fast for bags, tags, infants, and other small items the ROQ Print Nano Automated Screen Printing Press is a great solution. The Nano can be configured from a 2 color over 10 station to a 4 color over 10 station format with up to 2 integrated flashes. With a print size up to 8x8" (20cm x 20 cm) the nano screen printing machine is an extremely powerful platform for printing smaller areas and outputs an impressive 1200+ pieces per hour. Ready to install and portable on casters the Nano makes great company for it's larger ROQ companions in your shop.


What jobs do you use it for?

"We love using the Nano on all of our small prints. While Vlad works on big graphics our other guys can manage the sleeve and inside tag prints. This frees up a lot of time on the YOU and allows us to take on more jobs each week. We have also increased our tote sales because we can now run them at a very low cost."

Does it print faster than the YOU?

"Yes it does print faster, but we typically only have one operator on it. With one operator we can do about 450 small prints per hour. When we are desperate and rushing two guys run at about 800 top speed. The machine is faster than the staff."

What do the printers like?

"Vlad our Printer on the YOU loves that he can focus on large graphics. He would get bogged down in extra print locations before. They also love the ease of use. I have trained 3 people to run it, all of them had no printing experience. This allows almost anyone in the shop to jump on in a pinch."

-Shirt Agency


  • Pneumatic print heads.
  • Electric indexer on the ROQ geneva drive system.
  • Independent control panels on each print head each printhead for managing the print and flood speed, height and angle of the squeegees and the stroke length.
  • Central elevation system.
  • The printer can choose from a "U" clamp or pin system pneumatic screen holder system.
  • Polychromatic LCD touch screen.
  • Exact point micro registration screen system with Vernier scale.
  • Individual controls for managing the print and flood speed, height and angle of the squeegees and the stroke length.

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