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ROQ OVAL EVOLUTION Automatic Screen Printing Press

Screen print high production orders, cut pieces and produce all over effects and/or special effects in anything with one to an infinite number of colors using the Oval Evolution automatic screen printing press. With the durability and versatility of this Oval screen printing press there isn't much you can't take on or expand into in the realm of screen printing.

Ask yourself this question: How do screen printers make money? If you answered through printing shirts, you're exactly right. Whether you're making 50 cents per shirt or $5, the quicker you can get your prints done, the more money you can earn.

Learn more about how ROQ Automatics can raise your speed, and increase your quality of life. One print at a time.


  • Available from 1 to infinite colors
  • Honey-comb aluminum pallets
  • 15'' polychromatic touch panel
  • Individual command function on all printheads
  • AC electric printheads
  • Printheads with pneumatic high-lift position for quick and easy frame cleaning
  • Choice of pneumatic screen holder: "U" clamp or pin system
  • Laser markers
  • Printheads independent elevation
  • Maximum print area: 20" x 28" (XL) | 28" x 39" (2XL) | 31" x 43" (3XL) | 35" x 51'" (4XL)
  • Individual print and flood controls for speed, height, angle and stroke length
  • Individual off contact
  • AC servo-motor indexing system
  • Maximum production pieces per hour: 950 (XL) | 900 (2XL) | 850 (3XL and 4XL)
  • Rear command for a double production




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