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Ryonet RXP LED Screen Exposure Unit w/ Lid - 25x36in

An LED Exposure unit for half the price!

  • Expose 23"x31" Screens, referred to as Auto size Screen
  • Fits screens up to 25"x36"
  • LED light fully exposes emulsion in a fraction of the time of traditional units
  • Compression lid included for maximum film contact
  • Digital timer for ease of use

For the past fifteen years, the RXP exposure line has sustained more than 15,000 screen printers. With these recent improvements to the design and functionality, the RXP LED will produce professional results at entry-level pricing.

The RXP series uses high output LED bulbs manufactured specifically for our exposure units. These LED bulbs output an optimal UV wavelength which can be used on both dual-cure and photopolymer emulsions. Utilizing LED bulb technology, printers can rest assured that the LED bulbs will last much longer than a halogen bulb ever would, which is better for the printer and the environment. It's also important to note that the optically clear, tempered glass in the RXP LED series lets more than 99% of the UV light through without disruption to the wavelength. The new RXP LED units have proven to produce higher detail compared to halogen bulbs in a fraction of the time.


  • LED bulb technology
  • Thicker, aluminum compression lid
  • NEW gas shocks for lid
  • Durable, powder-coated, steel construction
  • IEC power cord port with an easy-to-access on/off switch


  • Specially manufactured UV for photopolymer or dual-cure emulsion exposure
  • Gas shocks hold the lid in open position 80LB shock
  • Optically clear, extremely strong, tempered glass
  • Sturdy powder coat steel construction
  • Includes a three-inch foam pad for easy, on-contact exposing
  • Three-year limited warranty (excludes glass and bulbs)
  • Compression lid for the quickest, on-contact exposing
  • Made in the USA


  • Expose up to 25" x 36" screens
  • 280 Total UV Output Watts
  • Seven UV LED light bulbs specifically designed for screen exposure
  • All electrical components are UL and CE listed
  • 115 volt (standard household current)