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The Semi-Pro™ Max Screen Printing Kit combines Ryonet's Riley Hopkins JR™ 6 color 2 stations press with more supplies and options to provide you a complete multiple color screen printing kit that can crank out some shirts! Ryonet's Riley Hopkins JR™"offers several benefits and advantages over other 6 color screen printing presses on the market and comes standard with a lifetime warranty.

Designed with the aspiring screening printer in mind, the Semi-Pro MAX package provides you with everything you need to print fairly large quantities of 1 - 6 color t-shirt designs. Taking advantage of the second printing station allows you to print and cure shirts at the same time and cuts your production time in 1/2 when compared to a 1 station press. This fairly compact press is also easy to set up, register and can fit into almost any space requirement.


    • Riley Hopkins JR 6 Color 2 Station Tabletop Press
    • 16x16 RyoFlash Dryer
    • RXP 20x24 Exposure Unit
    • 6 qty - 156 mesh, 20x24" pre-stretched aluminum screens.
    • 3 qty - 12" 70 durometer Squeegees and 3 - 8" 70 durometer Squeegees
    • A Roll of Green Screen Blockout Tape (2"x36 Yd)
    • 3 qty Water Based Inks - Green Galaxy Water Based Ink. (Quarts of Pitch Black, Martian Green, and Neptune Blue)
    • 3 qty Plastisol Inks - Wilflex Epic Lava Inks (Quarts of Lava Perfect White, Lava Scarlet, and Lava Lemon)
    • 2 oz of Green Galaxy Warp Drive Low Cure Additive
    • 2 qty 16x16 Platen with Riley Hopkins Bracket(printing board)
    • 16" Scoop Coater - Used for applying the emulsion to the screen
    • 50 Sheets of Rite Film WP positives (8.5x14")
    • A Pint of Sgreen Adhesive
    • 6 qty 10" Goop Scoop
    • Aqua-Chem Kit:
      • CCI WBP Hybrid Emulsion - Qt
      • Sgreen Aqua Wash Qt - Cleans ink from used screens or press
      • Sgreen Emulsion Stripper Qt - Removes emulsion from the screen
      • Sgreen Supreme Qt - Cleans plastisol inks from screens or press
      • Green Stuff Dehazer/Degreaser- Qt
      • Ryo Green Hand Cleaner - 8oz
      • Aqua Block WB block-out - 8oz
      • 3 CCI Cleaning Brush
      • 2 Chemical resistant spray head
    • 20 Ultimate Ink Cards - used for cleaning screens
    • 50 Printing Pellon (25 White & 25 Black) and Light Safe Yellow Bulb


      Our How to Screen Print Digital Playlist is instructed by Ryan Moor (Founder of Ryonet). We also offer free technical support with our kits, so feel free to call and talk to our staff at any time. Our How to Screen Print Digital Playlist covers everything from art set up in Photoshop, screen setup, advanced printing, clean up and more.


      This package ships in 4-6 different packages and a freight shipment. The press, flash, exposure unit, and supplies ship from multiple locations and may arrive at different times. The average delivery time in the US is usually 2-6 business days, but due to the demand of the press, there may be an additional 2-4 day delay. This package cannot be expedited due to the weight of the kit and the chemicals in the kit.

      Freight Dimensions and Weights: 37X32X64  317lbs