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Single Use Black Dye Ink Cartridge Set for Epson 1430

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Our new Single-Use Black Dye Ink Cartridge set for Epson 1430 is here and in stock!

  • Set of 6 all black single-use cartridges for Epson 1430
  • No messy refilling process, plug, and play
  • No bladder system - cartridges are ready to go.
  • Enjoy huge savings over other ink systems - over 50%
  • Print the most opaque films with or without RIP software.
  • Pre-filled with super opaque dye black ink for ultra-dark films
  • Replaces your colored Epson cartridges or other all black ink systems
  • Will work with Accurip, FastRIp, FilmMaker and Epson drivers
  • No need for costly ink flushing
  • Install the cartridges and print
  • When they're out, just toss them and install a new set or cartridge
  • Not as messy as refillable cartridges


  • Black dye ink is more opaque, and different from pigment-based inks in standard OEM Epson Cartridges.
  • Do not use regular Epson Cartridges and these cartridges at the same time.. this can clog your print head.
  • Replace all pigment-based ink cartridges with the whole new set of these Refillable Cartridges.