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Spot Cleaning Kit - Gun with Fluid

Spot Cleaning Gun with 1 Gal Spot Cleaning Fluid

Save money by blasting out unwanted ink spots

The SG-5000 is an affordable and durable spot cleaning gun. Remove the toughest of ink stains with its adjustable high-pressure spray.  With its simple design and ease of use, it will make a great addition to your arsenal of screen printing equipment.

SR-97 is a premium blend spot cleaning fluid for the removal of cured inks including plastisol, water-based and flock adhesive. It is formulated for all spot cleaning guns. For spot cleaning guns, place a clean dry cloth behind the fabric. Direct a jet of fluid through the soil until flushed away. If ringing or spotting occurs, adjust the gun to widen mist and spray around the damp area. This product works extremely well when used with a CCI SG-5500 SPOT GUN and TT-250 DIGESTER UNIT which will vacuum down any fumes that would otherwise be noticeable.

Includes Spot Cleaning Gun and 1 Gallon of SR-97 Spot Cleaning Fluid