Pricing Screen Print Jobs for Success

If you are new at offering screen printing as a service, there is a good chance you are having a difficult time estimating your pricing.

Rather than base your pricing on what your customer wants to pay each time, it is wise to establish a set price list that is used to price all of your jobs.

Pricing should be based on three man factors:

1. Your Cost
Add up your monthly overhead, crunch the numbers, and have a goal to work toward in a per - shirt capacity.

2. Your Local Market
Do your best to be aware of what shops in you area are charging, and keep it in mind when establishing your pricing.

3. Your Experience
If you are just starting out, it may not make sense to charge prices that are premium level. That being said, don't shoot for the bottom. Keep your pricing realistic to keep your business open, and be compensated fairly for your time.


Additional charges may include: screen setup, ink color change, rush fee (if applicable), shipping/delivery, folding & poly bagging etc.


  • Establish standard pricing for your business. It is always easy to discount from your list price if you need to negotiate.
  • Do not charge more just because the customer will pay more. Eventually, the customer figures it out and feels like they were taken advantage of.
  • Always, always, always have a work order that outlines pricing and the details of the order.
  • Add every cost to your work order as a line item, and discount where appropriate.
  • Know your bottom line. Know the amount of revenue per shirt that you are willing to drop to and do your best to stick to it.
  • Be comfortable with your pricing, and how you've arranged it, but be open to feedback.
  • Understand that you will have to negotiate to get jobs.
  • If you decide you will price match, require an official invoice / price quote from your customer that proves they were quoted the lower amount.
  • If you are going to deliver, decide whether to charge for it or not. It is not uncommon to charge for it, but having the policy in place beforehand makes it easier to explain when it is requested of you.


Remember to have fun with it, and print on!