Garage screen printing business can be fun and profitable! Here are some tips to get your home based screen printing business up and running.

1. Define your workspace: ensure that you have an adequate workspace set up in a dedicated area of your home so that your personal and work life do not overlap.

2. Invest in quality equipment: purchase good quality screen printing equipment that meets your requirements and budget. Consider getting an all-in-one kit or starting small before expanding.

3. Get the necessary permits: inquire about any permits or licenses needed to operate a home-based business in your local area.

4. Manage your time effectively: establish a schedule and stick to it. Use a planner or calendar to ensure you stay on track and meet deadlines.

5. Develop a marketing strategy: use your website, social media, and local community groups to market and promote your business. Build a strong online presence and utilize word-of-mouth referrals.