International Coatings 741 Poly White

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International Coatings 741 Poly White

741* Poly White Ink is a Non-Phthalate (NP) plastisol ink specifically formulated to help block dye migration problems on various problem polyester content fabrics.


  •     Low Bleed
  •     High Pigment
  •     For Use on 100% Polyester or high polyester content.
  •     Excellent Opacity
  •     Phthalate Compliant

100% cotton, cotton/polyester and polyester. As with all low bleed inks, pre-print and test all fabrics for dye migration, ink adhesion, wash fastness and other desired properties before beginning any production. 741 White is a low bleed ink, not a
non-bleed ink. On some types of fabric, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric to be used before beginning production. Because bleeding or dye
migration may not occur right away, it is best to do long term testing on some fabrics to determine if they are going to bleed.

Standard colors:  60-160 t/in (24-43 t/cm) Monofilament
For optimum bleed resistance, use an 86 t/in or 34 t/cm mesh screen base plate and overprint with a 110 t/in or 43 t/cm mesh screen Avoid over-flashing, as it can result in poor inter-coat adhesion of overprinted colors or increased dye migration. Adjust flash settings so that the ink is just dry to the touch.
65-70 Durometer: Sharp edge for light colored fabrics and beveled or sharp edge for dark fabrics.
275ºF-325ºF (135ºC-163ºC). Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product before beginning production run.
Mineral spirits or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.
Recommend storage at 65°F to 90°F (18°C to 32°C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight and moist, humid air. Keep containers well sealed. 

Tech Sheet  Safety Sheet

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