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Aeolus | A Conveyor Dryer Worthy of the Gods.


Aeolus is the next generation of Forced Air Conveyor Dryer.  Using BBC’s proprietary heating elements the Aeolus dyer can cure it all.  From plastisol to pretreat, and everything in between, the Aeolus outshines the competition.  The Aeolus’ revolutionary design uses banks of angled heating panels running along the edge of the PTFE coated belt to all but eliminate edge loss.  Its unique design, partnered with BBC’s proprietary watt density algorithm, provides the Aeolus with the most even edge-to-edge cure in its class.

Overall Length: 12 ft | Overall Width: 48 in | Overall Height: 59"

Chamber Length: 6 ft | Belt Width: 36 in | Forced Air: Yes

Heater Dimensions: (3) 18"x24" (6) 22"x8"

Heater Wattage:

  • 240v | 1 Phase | 7,2800w | 72a  OR
  • 240v | 3 Phase | 7,2800w | 42a

The True Edge-to-Edge Cure
With angled heating elements running the full length of the chamber, you can count on a true edge-to-edge cure.

The Never-Worry Belt
TruTrak™ ensures that your belt stays exactly where it needs to be. All the time, every time.

Plastisol, Water-Based, DTG
Aeolus is perfect for any print you can produce. Plastisol, yup. Water-based, yup. Direct-to-Garment, absolutely.

Control Your Cure
With two separate zones of heating elements, you can achieve the perfect temp quick and let it dwell there.



$400 Crating Fee

$40 Flat Rate Shipping

Please call for lead time - (916) 534-8337

Ships from Pacific, MO