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International Coatings 1110 Curable Reducer

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1110 Curable Reducer

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Lowers the viscosity of plastisols without affecting the fusing characteristics of plastisol ink.

1110  is also a curable reducer, which means it fuses or cures by itself with the application of heat. The recommended proportion of 1110 is 1% to 25% by volume.

This reducer should not be used in low bleed inks as it can lower the bleed resistance of those inks. If a low bleed curable reducer is needed, please see our 1099 Low Bleed Curable Ink Reducer.

1110 can help in reducing ink build-up on the back of successive screens when printing wet on wet.

The amount of 1110 needed to reduce build-up will depend on the ink being adjusted. Use 5% to 10%, by volume, 1110 for opaque inks. Use 1% to 5%, by volume, 1110LF for standard opacity inks.

The correct screen mesh, such as 160 to 230 monofilament, properly tensioned, will also help to reduce ink build-up.

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