International Coatings 7608 Bears Navy

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International Coatings 7608 Bear's Navy

The 7600 Series is a ready-for-use, High-Performance plastisol formulated for Ultra High-speed automatic printing. 

It is very creamy and short-bodied, with low tack and for ease of printing, a greatly improved shear. 

7600 Stock Colors are well suited for high definition and resolution, fine detail, and halftone printing. 

It can be printed through finer mesh counts for faster production speeds with less pressure. For more information, check out the datasheet below.


Tech Sheet 

IC 7600 Ink System Data Sheet

Safety Sheet


The 7600 inks will spot dry, with very low after flash tack, in 3 to 8 seconds depending on the spot dryer used. Too much heat / time may cause the ink to become sticky after flashing. Adjust flash unit accordingly. When spot drying, the ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift off, but not totally fused. Totally fusing any of the flashed colors may cause inter-coat adhesion problems with the inks printed on top of the flashed ink. Final curing I fusing will occur in the dryer.

1. Use an underbase print when printing 7600 inks onto dark fabrics. For Cotton and 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blends, use Cool White or Legacy White as an underbase ink. For 100% Polyester fabrics, use Poly White or Performance Pro White. To achieve a softer hand and faster production speeds, print underbase ink through finer mesh counts 180 to 200.

2. The 7600 inks are low bleed inks, not non-bleed inks. On some types of fabric, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric to be printed before beginning production. Bleeding or dye migration may not occur right away.

3. Excessive squeegee pressure will drive the 7600 inks through the fabric being printed. Adjust squeegee pressure, angle and off-contact to insure proper shear and lay down of printed ink. Proper settings of squeegee, flood bar and off-contact will improve performance, improve screen life and squeegee durability.

4. Adding too much reducer or other additives to the 7600 inks may cause curing/fusing or increased dye migration problems.

5. The 7600 inks are easy to print when compared to other inks and can be printed through finer mesh counts. This means less ink usage and faster production times, a real money saver. Using finer mesh counts also means a softer hand of the finished product.

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