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Add International Coatings 900 Series Catalyst to plastisol inks to promote better adhesion to nylon.

900 Catalyst comes in 8 oz. containers and should be hand stirred into the ink at the following ratios:

    By volume = 16 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
    By weight = 20 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
    1 oz. Catalyst to 1 pint of ink
    2 oz. Catalyst to 1 quart of ink
    8 oz. Catalyst to 1 gallon of ink

Ink may be used immediately after mixing
Do not mix more ink than is needed for a job
Do not under catalyze the ink
Pot life of ink mixed with catalyst is 4 to 8 hours
Adding too much catalyst will shorten pot life of ink
The catalyst creates a chemical bond to adhere the ink to the nylon fibers

Alternative uses for 900 catalyst:
IC 900 Catalyst can be added to flock adhesive to promote better adhesion of the flocking fibers.
IC 900 Catalyst combined with (black) ink (for black fabrics, for example), reduces the appearance of fibrillation, especially after the garment has been washed.
Adding IC 900 Catalyst can improve adhesion on most other fabrics, not just nylon.
IC 900 Catalyst can also improve adhesion to leather or vinyl substrates, but it is crucial to test that the substrate can withstand the 320 degree F cure temperatures required to cure the ink.

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