Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective Plastisol- Quart

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  Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective Plastisol

  • Optilux™ 507* Enhanced Reflective Plastisol is an easy to print, two-part, retro-reflective ink that contains light reflecting microspheres. When a garment printed with Optilux™ 507 ink is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight, it reflects or returns light back at the light source. 
  • Optilux™ 507 appears as a conventional metallic silver shimmer ink under normal lighting conditions, but with the very enhanced attribute that it helps to increase the nighttime visibility of a printed design.
  • Ships with Optilux Coupler 100

2oz Bottle of Optilux Coupler 100 Included


Optilux™ 507 is not recommended for use on non-porous fabrics such as shell nylon or any other very tightly woven fabric. For use on cotton and some cotton/polyester blends. This is not a low bleed product and is not recommended for use on bleeding fabrics.

Optilux™ 507 must be mixed thoroughly with Optilux™ Coupler 100 before printing in order to obtain the best wash and wear durability. Optilux™ Coupler 100 is provided in 2 fluid oz. (60 ml) and 8 fluid oz. (250 ml) containers. The recommended proportions are: By weight: 20 grams of ink to 1 gram of Coupler 100 Always stir product thoroughly prior to each use as the reflective micro-spheres will settle in the container when ink is stored for any length of time. Optilux™ 507 should not be printed over any underbase.
110 t/in or 43 t/cm Monofilament. Printing through a coarser mesh may reduce the reflective quality of the ink. Any direct plastisol resistant emulsion or capillary film.
60-70 Durometer: Sharp edge for light colored fabrics and beveled or sharp edge for dark fabrics.
325°F (163°C) entire ink film. Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product before beginning production run.
Any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.
Recommend storage at 65°F to 90°F (18°C to 32°C). Avoid storage in CONTAINERS    direct sunlight and moist, humid air.


 Tech Sheet Safety Sheet


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