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Our favorite Photo Emulsion for high detail and halftones!

  • Easy to use, fast burn time
  • Pre-sensitized, ready to go out of the container
  • High solids content
  • Works great with standard tube uv exposure units like the RXP 25x36 Exposure Unit Approximate burn time 3:30 - 4:00
  • Works great with LED Exposure units like the FX LED Exposure Unit Approximate Exposure Time - 30 to 40 Seconds


ProChem® PHOTO•BLUE is a blue colored, one part ready-to-use textile emulsion, and is recommended for plastisol inks. It offers durability and excellent image quality. Due to the product’s high solids it yields a better coating, sharp edges, and excellent resolution. This Product is pre-sensitized and does not require the addition of Diazo. This product saves time as it exposes very fast. Reclaiming the screen when using ProChem® PHOTO•BLUE is easy with CCI Stencil Removers, which are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas.

*Handle in light safe conditions and make sure to store in a cool dry place.

Tech Sheet  Safety Sheet