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PRE-BURNED Aluminum Screen 20x24 - 110 Mesh

Your image, the way you want it. Shipped quickly, taped up and ready to print.

Don't know which mesh count to choose? Click here for some help!

 Pre-burned Aluminum Screen 20"X24" - Excellent tension, pre-stretched with highest quality mesh for a superior print.

Please read:

  • Please register valid email that is checked regularly when making an account with us.
  • You will receive any questions and/or order updates from us via email.
  • If you don’t check that old AOL email address, don’t use on your account lol!
  • Price per pre-burned screen is $59.99
  • total printable area is 14" wide x 17" tall
  • Images are burned onto the screen approximately 5 inches from the outer edge of the screen.
  • We can add more than one imprint on your screen, as long as all imprints fit within 14” wide and 17” tall.
  • There are multiple “upload file” options for customers who are ordering multiple screens
  • If you only need to upload one file, great! Upload it to the first option.
  • We print your graphic at 100% the size that we receive it
  • Accepted file types: .AI, .PSD, .ESP, & .PDF 
  • While shrinking artwork is almost always possible, enlarging artwork is not. If the actual art file is smaller than you are requesting the imprint to be, we will email you.
  • If there are special instructions or additional graphic work required, please give us a call at (888) 808-7687, or email us at;

Description: Welded from premium aluminum, and sealed to be watertight; machined to lay flat on your exposure unit with minimal warping.

Application: 110 Mesh Count is great for Athleticlow detail, high ink usage; more ink passes through the screen creating a thicker, more opaque print.


  • Mesh Color - white
  • Size: 20 x 24 in
  • Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Mesh Count: 110
  • Color: White Mesh
  • Printable Area: < 14 x 17 in
  • Scoop Coater Size: 16 in
  • Max Squeegee Size: 15 in
  • Mesh Opening: 150 Microns

We can help with:

  • Spot Color Separations
  • CYMK Process Color Separations
  • Simulated Process Color Separations
  • Halftone Conversion for Screen Printing


We also post-expose and chemically harden your screen upon request at no charge.

Call or email us with any questions!

(916) 534-8337