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ProChem HardenX Emulsion Hardener


Does your emulsion break down during your print run?

Use HardenX to completely harden your stencil chemically, so it does not break down during your print run.

For use with Waterbase and Plastisol inks!


ProChem® HardenXis a one-part chemical hardener designed to increase the water-resistance of photo-emulsions. ProChem® HardenXincreases print durability and reduce premature stencil breakdown. It is excellent for high humidity conditions. With some emulsions, HARDEN X may produce a waterproof stencil that is difficult to reclaim.

  1. Expose the screen and thoroughly wash out the image area.
  2. Apply ProChem® HardenXto both sides of a dry screen.
  3. For best results, allow ProChem® HardenX to dwell on the screen until it has completely evaporated.

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