Waterproof Inkjet Film 100 Pack 11"x17"

Sale price$ 69.99


Waterproof Inkjet Film Transparency - output perfect films and burn perfect screens with our high quality inkjet film transparency. 100 Sheet Pack.

  • Thickness - 5 mil for long lasting, reusable screen printing films
  • The micro-porous top coating produces a detailed, opaque and ultra high definition image
  • Works best with our high quality Black Dye Based Inkjet printer inks
  • Excellent value, high quality at a great price

Tips for great screen printing films:

  • Make sure you load the film correctly, ink sticks to the porous side, not the glossy side.
  • Turn off any “high speed” settings in your print driver
  • Use the highest quality print setting
  • Set printer to “premium glossy photo paper”

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