Email & phone support is offered during business hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm PST. Give us a shout and we'll answer your all of your questions!

Regarding mesh count:

  • When printing low detail images, use a lower mesh screen to lay down more ink onto the shirt.
  • For higher detail prints, use a higher mesh screen and lay down less ink.
  • 160 mesh screens are the most commonly used mesh count, and are very versatile.

Question: What is the turnaround time for a pre-burned screen?
Answer: We usually ship pre-burned screen orders 24 hours (the next business day) from the time the order is finalized. Keep in mind, questions regarding art, placement, etc will cause a delay in the ship time.

Question: How should I clean my screens?
Answer: If you are using plastisol inks, use a plastisol ink degradant such as CCI Envirowash.

Question: What is the max print size on a 20x24 screen printing frame?
Answer: 14" wide by 17" tall

Question: What file type should I upload? 
Answer: Accepted file types: .AI, .PSD, .ESP, & .PDF. Images must be sized in your file to your specifications. 

Question: Can you add registration marks / center lines for me?
Answer: Yes, we can do that.

Question: If I have a 3 color print, can you burn all 3 screens for me?
Answer: Yes - we will add registration marks and burn all 3. Just change your quantity to 3 when you add the screen to your cart.

Question: Can I put more than one image on a screen?
Answer: Yes - we will put as many on as you like, as long as they fit, no price change.

Question: Can I print water-based ink on my screen?
Answer: Yes - let us know and we will chemically harden your stencil so it does not break down.

What are the art requirements for a Pre-burned Screen?

  • The size of your art file should be the exact desired size of your print.
  • Art files should have only the colors black and white.
  • The black area in your art file is what will be printed in your print.
  • In vector files, fonts should be converted to outlines or rasterized.
  • Formats for optimized, high quality prints: .AI, .PSD, .PDF, .BMP
  • Formats that might work, buy may not produce the highest quality prints: .JPG, .PNG

How can I get my Pre-burned Screen Order shipped quickly?

  • Provide a high resolution or vector file for your pre-burned screen.
  • Have your art file all ready sized the exact size you would like the stencil to be on your screen.
  • Convert any and all fonts in your file to outlines.
  • Watch for emails from us, and respond quickly if you can. Orders are often held back because we are waiting to hear back with an answer to our question.

A common time frame for a pre-burned screen order:

  1. Order placed on Monday
  2. Customer was contacted via email with a sizing question.
  3. Customer responded Tuesday at 4pm.
  4. Screen shipped Wednesday and was in transit for 2 business days.
  5. Customer received Pre-burned screen order on Friday.

Will I received a proof of the screen that I order?
Proofs are not offered with every order at this time, but you can request them by email or phone. (916) 534-8337 /

My imprint is more than one color. How many screens will I need?
Usually, each color in a screen printed imprint equal one screen. For a three color imprint, you will need to purchase three screens.

How will my images be placed on my screen?
Left chest and full front / full back imprints are usually placed about five inches from the outside edge of the screen. Larger imprints may come closer to the edges of the screen.

Do pre-burned screens last forever?

  • They can with the correct care. Follow a few simple rules, and your screen should last for hundreds, if not thousands of prints.
  • Don't put chemicals or solvents on your screen that are not for screen printing. Turpentine and mineral spirits or paint thinners are not recommended.
  • If your screen has not been chemically hardened, avoid putting water on your screen.
  • Do not scrub your screen with any sort of brush.

Returns / Refunds
We are not able to accept requests for return or refund.
We are not responsible for any damage that occurs in transit.
In the event of damage in transit, we will endeavor to make things right to the best of our ability. 



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