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Regarding mesh count:

  • When printing low detail images, use a lower mesh screen to lay down more ink onto the shirt.
  • For higher detail prints, use a higher mesh screen and lay down less ink.
  • 160 mesh screens are the most commonly used mesh count, and are very versatile.

Question: What is the turnaround time for a pre-burned screen?
Answer: We usually ship pre-burned screen orders 24 hours (the next business day) from the time the order is finalized. Keep in mind, questions regarding art, placement, etc will cause a delay in the ship time.

Question: How should I clean my screens?
Answer: If you are using plastisol inks, use a plastisol ink degradant such as CCI Envirowash.

Question: What is the max print size on a 20x24 screen printing frame?
Answer: 14" wide by 17" tall

Question: What file type should I upload? 
Answer: Accepted file types: .AI, .PSD, .ESP, & .PDF. Images must be sized in your file to your specifications. 

Question: Can you add registration marks / center lines for me?
Answer: Yes, we can do that.

Question: If I have a 3 color print, can you burn all 3 screens for me?
Answer: Yes - we will add registration marks and burn all 3. Just change your quantity to 3 when you add the screen to your cart.

Question: Can I put more than one image on a screen?
Answer: Yes - we will put as many on as you like, as long as they fit, no price change.

Question: Can I print water-based ink on my screen?
Answer: Yes - let us know and we will chemically harden your stencil so it does not break down.




If your question is not answered below, please call us! (916) 534-8337. Thanks!




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