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This product is a semi-viscous, water-soluble cleanser meant for use as a plastisol ink remover. It is designed for the removal of a variety of inks without attacking the emulsion. CITRA-PASTE'S top priority is plastisol and water-based inks. Use one of the following applications.

  1. Card excessive ink from the screen. Apply CITRA-PASTE to the ink side of the screen. Use a non-abrasive scrub brush or pad to agitate both sides of the screen. Starting at the bottom of the screen, high-pressure water rinse all ink residue from the screen.
  2. For saving the artwork (stencil), use the above application but use a low-pressure flood rinse in place of a high-pressure rinse.

Screen Care in a nutshell:


    *Check with your local sanitation district regarding limitations on inks that are to be rinsed before washing them into the drain.

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